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The History Of The Nadi Sports Club

(5th Jan 2011)

This page will be updated as more accurate information comes to light on the early years of the Club. If you have more information or note inaccuracies or errors in the below please email:  nadisportsclub@connect.com.fj

1920 - 1930s

The Club started its life in the 1920 - 30s with 2 + tennis courts where the present Proud's  / Morris Hedstrom Building is in Nadi. There were a couple of tennis Courts beside the road with a long wooded club house behind. At the end of the club house was a children's playground.  In the early days behind the club house was a large race course. We are unsure if the race course was part of the club or a separate entity. Verbal history has it that the early club was set up by European planter settlers who when at the club had a fairly formal dress code and standards. At some stage the race course was converted to sugar cane land and the club was dominated by CSR (Colonial Sugar Refinery) staff.

1940 -1950s

As the town grew it became obvious that the club needed to be moved with the land it was on plus race course to be subdivided for the needs of the growing town. This move was facilitated by a loan or gift by a Mrs Freeman Martin to the club of $400 (a sizable sum in those days). The CSR Company helped secure the land at Navaki for a peppercorn price of one shilling. Through all this the Club was guided by Mr JSM Park a well known Nadi Solicitor, keen tennis player and Club Trustee. Mr Park also bequeathed some land to the club (along and inside Andrews Road towards the market). As such he is regarded as the father of the modern club as it is through this bequest and its wise investment that the club has been allowed to survive and flourish to this day. Quite rightly JSM Park became the first life member of the new club.

1960 -1970s

The present honours board show that the first President of the existing club was a Mr Abrahams in 1959. By 1960 there are club Champions in Tennis, Bowls & Squash.

Continued development of the facilities has taken place with the building of the first small club house a couple of grass tennis courts the Bowling Green and a single Squash Court. This Squash Court was badly damaged in cyclone Be Be and lost its roof. Apparently it remained without a roof for some time. When it was re roofed the second court was added.

1980 - 1990s

In the early 80s the Tennis Courts were converted to Astro Turf. The pool was added in the mid 80s and was opened by the late Prime minister and President of Fiji Ratu Sir Kamasisi Mara. In the early 90s the club house was extended to its present size. The big lights for the Tennis green and Bowling green were also installed and for the first time the whole complex was fenced.  

2000 - To date

In early 2000 the pool was retiled and the club settled down to reduce its large overdraft with no other significant development to date.

In due course photos of the early club house and a more accurate time line of the development of the club and its main milestones will be added.

Anyone with more information on the early years of the club is asked to please pass on this information plus copies of photos to the Nadi Sports Club Office.


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