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Sunny West Bowling Carnival

Welcome to Nadi, Fiji's third-largest town also known as the "Tourism capital of Fiji" and home to the Nadi international airport, the primary take-off and landing place of visitors coming to and leaving Fiji! Fiji's islands are world-famous for the exciting adventures, Sporting clubs and relaxing opportunities they afford: expect to see a spectacular underwater world when scuba-diving in Fiji's crystal clear waters, or relax and breathe in the crisp beach breeze as you gently fall asleep to a stress-relieving massage.

Nadi is located on the west side of Viti Levu, Fiji's main island. Nadi has more than 40,000 inhabitants, most of whom are largely Fijian, with a smattering of tourists and Indian citizens. Most of the income generated in Nadi comes from sugarcane and tourist-related activities; there are more shops, sightseeing opportunities, cruise lines, motels and hotels in Nadi than anywhere else in Fiji and  most of coporate sponsored sporting events are primmarily  held at the nadi sports club which has become one of the propular night spot locations and is minutes away from the town proper. The primary entry point of air entry into Fiji, the Nadi International Airport, is only nine kilometers away from the second city in Fiji

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