Swimming Pool Schedule


Club currently has Two Snooker Table's. There is a monthly Comp now happening at the club.

There are 8 full time snooker players and we look forward for interested members to join in.Club is an affiliated member of the Fiji Billiard and Snooker Association and holds Ranked players in Super Premium Division with Mahendra Deo 5th ,Rimal Narayan 11th.

Premium Division

Nayaizam Khan

Munesh Kumar

Future Plans

To host tournaments like NorthWest and InterClub tournament.


Snooker Table Rules


v     Sign In and Out in log book before and after playing.

v     Cover table and switch snooker lights off after playing.

v     Members only. Visitors will only be allowed to play during off peak hours between

      8 am-5 pm Monday – Friday

      8 am- 1 pm Saturday & Sunday

v     Children under 18 years will only be allowed to play if they are accompanied by their parents/guardian.

v     Members playing during peak hours should ensure that all other players willing/waiting to play are given fair chance to play. Players should play only one game and give other players waiting a chance after that.